Executive Interviews

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Patheon: Comprehensive Development & Manufacturing Solutions for the Entire Drug Development Cycle

Franco Negron, Patheon’s Senior VP of Drug Product Services, discusses his company’s business strategy, two recent acquisitions and integration plans, the role biosimilars play in Patheon’s business, and significant trends driving the pharmaceutical industry over the next few years.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Ascendia Pharmaceuticals: Sophisticated Formulations for Poorly Soluble Drugs

Jingjun (Jim) Huang, PhD, CEO, and Founder of Ascendia, discusses his company’s unique vision and strategy to provide pharmaceutical companies with a contract research partner that can provide technologies in order to efficiently determine which approach is most suitable for a given molecule.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Exostar: Speeding the Drug Development & Delivery Process Through Secure Communities of Industry Partners

Drug Development Executive: Tom Johnson, Exostar’s Senior Director of Pharma and Life Science Solutions, discusses how Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub efficiently and cost effectively brings organizations, individuals, applications, and information together to promote the external collaboration initiatives imperative to today’s drug research and development processes.


Contract Services

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Launch Global Customer Solution Centers

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. recently announced its intent to open multiple Global Customer Solution Centers. The new Global Customer Solution Centers will focus on meeting and exceeding the demands of scientists in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories by developing critical workflows and integrated solutions that help advance chromatography and mass spectrometry worldwide.