Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services
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Owen Mumford Ltd
Brook Hill, Woodstock, Oxfordshire
OX20 1TU, United Kingdom
W: https://www.ompharmaservices.com/

With almost 70 years of experience in medical devices, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services is a division of Owen Mumford, with the Head Office located in Woodstock, UK. Our global presence spans from manufacturing facilities in the UK and Malaysia to subsidiaries in the US, Germany, and France.

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of injectable drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and generics industries. Our trusted devices are used daily in the delivery of various medications for a multitude of conditions across the globe.


Our offering includes single- and multi-dose reusable and disposable auto-injectors, pens, and syringes for subcutaneous and intramuscular administration. These innovative products are designed to meet the needs of both our pharmaceutical partners and their patients through simplicity, ease of use, and improved safety and patient compliance. Our products are supported by our services, and we work with our partners every step of the way, supporting and guiding their combination product development all the way through to taking it to market.

UniSafe® Platform: With an established history of developing world-leading custom devices, we have now extended our capabilities to produce platform products, which includes our flagship UniSafe platform, a spring-free safety device for pre-filled syringes. For further information about UniSafe, please visit https://www.ompharmaservices.com/unisafe-platform/.

Aidaptus®: Our latest innovation is Aidaptus®, a platform disposable auto-injector offering next-generation benefits of flexibility and versatility. Aidaptus® is compatible with either a 1-mL or 2.25-mL prefilled syringe in the same base device, with only a minimal number of change parts, whilst maintaining its small, discreet size (162 mm x 18 mm). In addition, the novel self-adjusting plunger allows the use of a range of syringe fill volume options with no change to the device.  For more information on Aidaptus and to explore its key benefits, please visit our Aidaptus virtual experience at https://www.ompharmaservices.com/explore-aidaptus/.