Bio Platforms

PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY – Predictive Medicine, Biomarkers & the Multiple Unmet Needs in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Joe G.N. Garcia, MD, and Stan Miele believe the unmet need in ARDS is to identify reliable, validated ARDS biomarkers that minimize ARDS heterogeneity and allow for stratification of subject selection for enrollment in clinical trials of tailored therapies. Combined with a more streamlined drug-approval process, biomarker- and genotype-based treatment of specific ARDS endotypes has never been as within reach as it is today.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Solubility & Bioavailability: Utilizing Enabling Technologies

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin interviews several leading companies on how they are using innovative technologies, such as lipid nanoparticles to achieve a high drug loading, combining anti-solvent continuous crystallization with micro-mixing technology to control crystallization and reduce crystal size, and how a robotic capsule can improve bioavailability in the range of 47% to 78%.

MARKET LANDSCAPE – The Future of Cancer Care Post-Pandemic: What Doctors, Patients, and the Healthcare Industry at Large Should Expect

Angelos Stergiou, PhD, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic saw failures in the healthcare delivery system not only in general medicine, but also specifically in oncology. At the same time, several opportunities came to light during such a difficult, frightening moment, bringing a number of large- and small-scale innovations forth.





eBOOK: Antibody Production

Antibody production is a multi-step complex process and generating reproducible antibodies is highly critical for immunoassays-based research, immunodiagnostics, and immunotherapy. Antibodies’ reproducibility is driven by…


ProPerma™ Oral Formulation Technology

ProPerma™ uniquely improves both permeability and bioavailability of BCS III and BCS IV compounds by deploying an innovative and bespoke combination of GRAS and novel enhancing excipients…