Executive Interviews

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Adare Pharma Solutions: Expanding Capabilities to Exceed Customer Expectations

Tom Sellig, CEO of Adare Pharma Solutions, discusses how he has realized various achievements and about the company’s focus on addressing special needs in the market, its global expansion, and where he expects to take the company in the future.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - HERMES PHARMA: Reducing Risk, Speeding Development - A CDMO Model Including GCP-Sponsorship to Better Meet the Needs of Pharma Companies

Dr. Martin Koeberle, Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing, and Dr. Bernice Wild, Head of Stability Testing and Senior QA Manager GCP, at HERMES PHARMA, discuss the challenges of developing innovative oral medicines, as well as how these new service offerings are helping meet a critical need among companies looking to bring portfolio-enhancing formulations to market.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Ascendia Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems

Jim Huang, PhD, CEO and Founder of Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, discusses how his company expanded its people, capabilities, and facilities to meet and exceed customer expectations from early to late-state development and how this investment allows Ascendia to continue be an expert in sophisticated formulations, as well as cGMP sterile and non-sterile clinical trial and commercial manufacturing.