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PFS MANUFACTURING – Prefilled Syringes & Biologics: The Perfect Partnership of Medicine & Delivery

Anish Parikh charts the twin rise of biologics and PFS, outlines some of the common challenges associated with filling and dispensing, and discusses how a patient-centric partnership approach can help biopharmaceutical companies shorten the development pathway and ensure a reliable supply of safe, effective medicines for the people who need them.

RISK-BASED MONITORING – Making the Move to RBM: Improving Patient Safety & Data Quality With Real-Time Insights

Crystal Stone and Amanda Coogan indicate that in an era in which the time- and resource-intensive business model of developing blockbuster drugs has been supplanted by a push to move drug candidates through the pipeline with greater speed, accuracy, and quality, RBM and real-time data analytics are becoming a must-have for clinical trials.