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CDMO SELECTION – Ready to Launch: Developing Your Biologic With an Eye Toward Commercial Supply

Stacey Treichler, PhD, believes the development process for new biologics is complex and requires a substantial amount of time and resources, and reviews some of the areas where careful choice of CDMO is key, including cell line development and cGMP manufacturing capabilities, and how an integrated approach can be beneficial.

CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING – Continuous Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals: Implications for the Generics Market

Kamna Jhamb, PhD, says the highly regulated nature of the pharmaceutical sector, and the low-risk-taking nature of this market, are the two main factors that have restrained the implementation of novel methods of manufacturing by pharmaceutical industries. However, the burgeoning demand for complex and innovative therapies and rising competition have led pharmaceutical manufacturers to reconsider their methods of manufacturing.

WEARABLE DEVICES – Wearable Drug Delivery Applications: Considerations for Adhesive Material Selection & Wear Testing

Neal Carty, PhD, MBA, and Deepak Prakash, MS, MBA, discuss the broader healthcare and digital health landscape behind wearable device developments and provide a brief overview of two types of wearable applications — insulin pump therapy/continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems and wearable drug injectors.