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LATITUDE: Your Formulation Specialist

LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals is a nimble, customer-focused CDMO with 20 years of providing innovative drug formulation development services and GMP manufacturing for early-phase clinical trials to the human and animal health industries. Founded in 2003, we have completed more than 1,100 client projects and have established a reputation for successfully formulating highly insoluble compounds – the most significant cause of drug development failure.

Formulation Development

LATITUDE’s formulation scientists are the foundation of LATITUDE’s reputation for creative approaches, reliability, transparency, rapid turnaround, and client satisfaction.  LATITUDE’s extensive experience and technical strengths in a wide range of dosage forms successfully address even the most difficult formulation challenges including solubility, instability, bioavailability and in vivo adverse reactions. LATITUDE scientists have particular expertise in the formulation of complex injectables including nanoemulsions, liposomes, microspheres and nanoparticles.

LATITUDE has developed the following specialized drug delivery platforms:

ClearSol (Solubilization)

– A highly effective yet safe way to solubilize a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients
– Successful with a broader range of API than cyclodextrins, and solubilizes to higher concentrations
– All components are GRAS and FDA-approved for injection

PG Depot (Phospholipid Gel Depot)

– Allows a customizable sustained-release profile of a subcutaneously administered drug over 1-7 days
– Injectable through fine (up to 28 G) needles for easy administration
– Up to 20% drug loading

Nano-E (Nanoemulsion)

– A versatile solubility-enhancing platform for oral/injectable liquid formulations, also effective to alleviate vein-irritation for injectables

ARTSS (Aqueous Room Temperature-Stable Solutions)

– Allows the transformation of lyophilized powders or 2-8°C solutions into RT-stable aqueous solutions

GMP Manufacturing

LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals provides GLP- and GMP-compliant manufacturing and analytical testing services – we specialize in rapid customer response and delivery of Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trial materials. With a Quality Assurance System managed by experienced and dedicated staff, LATITUDE can GLP or GMP manufacture a variety of dosage forms including sterile injectable or ophthalmic drugs, as well as non-sterile oral or topical formulations, to support GLP toxicology studies or early-stage human clinical trials.  LATITUDE is particularly proficient in the manufacture of complex liquid formulations such as nanoemulsions, liposomes, nanoparticles and other controlled-release products.

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