Bioavailability & Solubility

Outsourcing Drug Development & Production: Technology-Driven Drug Delivery Systems for Small Molecules at Losan Pharma

Due to the increasing demand for drug delivery systems that are able to improve the properties of low soluble, poor permeable, or highly dosed new and existing drug substances, technology-driven CDMOs can offer a wide range of technology platforms to overcome such challenges….

FORMULATION FORUM – Understanding of Amorphous Solid Dispersions & Their Downstream Development

 Jim Huang, PhD, discusses how understanding the properties of ASDs and their relationship to downstream product scale up, stability, and in-vivo performance is critical to successfully utilize them for drug delivery of insoluble drugs in early development and commercialization in a timely and cost-effective manner.

FORMULATION FORUM – Considerations in Development & Manufacturing of Complex Injectables for Early Phase Studies

Jim Huang, PhD, explains how a niche CDMO, which has specialized  technologies in complex  injectable development and adopts GMP practice with a “laboratory setting,” will have greater flexibility regarding changes, timing, and cost for successful manufacture of complex injectables in early phase development of therapeutic drugs.