Quotient Sciences – UK Headquarters – Nottingham, UK
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T: +44 115 974 9000

Quotient Sciences – US Headquarters – Philadelphia, PA
3080 McCann Farm Drive
Garnet Valley, PA 19060
T: (800) 769-3518
W: quotientsciences.com

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Integrated drug development programs so molecules can become cures, fast

Quotient Sciences is a drug development and manufacturing accelerator providing integrated programs and tailored services across the entire development pathway. Cutting through silos across a range of drug development capabilities, we save precious time and money in getting drugs to patients.



We bring together integrated contract research, development, manufacturing and clinical testing services for small molecules and synthetic peptide drug programs. We’re a trusted partner to support:

  • Candidate development – selecting the right molecules for development, offering expertise that shortens timelines to the clinic
  • Early development – accelerating molecules from first-in-human (FIH) through to proof of concept (POC)
  • Late development – scaling up molecules for registration/validation and commercial launch, at no expense to speed or quality

Quotient Sciences Translational Pharmaceutics®: Our flagship platform for drug development

For over 15 years and over 1,000 molecules, our Translational Pharmaceutics® platform for drug development has helped global pharma and biotechs accelerate molecules to market. By integrating drug substance, drug product, and clinical testing activities under a single provider, Translational Pharmaceutics® has been proven to shorten development times by an average of 12 months or more, minimizing risk while reducing R&D costs.

Our expertise in understanding dependencies between drug substance properties, formulation design, and clinical outcomes enables us to enhance development efficiency. Having both drug substance and drug product manufacturing activities under one organization allows us to deliver integrated chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) development activities for both pre-clinical and clinical studies in parallel, simplifying the supply chain and improving the likelihood of downstream clinical and commercial success.

Tailored Services

  • Drug substance synthesis and manufacturing – we customize each program to help minimize chemistry costs and move your drug substance supply off the critical path
  • Formulation development – leverage our expertise in complex formulation development in areas including modified release, solubility enhancement, and pediatrics
  • Clinical trial manufacturing – a streamlined approach to drug product supply that reflects your clinical study design and timeline
  • Clinical pharmacology – rapid study startup and recruitment through our clinical units in Miami, FL, US and Nottingham, UK
  • Data sciences – providing fast access to reliable data to improve decision making during a study
  • Commercial manufacturing – trusted, global services for reliable commercial supply, including support for high-potency compounds
  • Bioanalysis – world-class expertise, delivering rapid bioanalytical data to support drug development milestones
  • Drug development consulting – expertise at all stages of development, from candidate development through commercial launch

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