Analytical Testing

SPECIAL FEATURE – Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: Putting Customers First

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin speaks with several leading CDMOs from around the globe on their unique development and manufacturing capabilities and technologies, and presents real-world examples of how they have put these to use to produce innovative compounds, lower development costs, and shorten time to market.

DRUG DEVELOPMENT – Overcoming Challenges on the Path From Candidate Selection to First-in-Human Clinical Testing

Eleanor Row, PhD, explores the current challenges drug developers face in transitioning their candidate molecules to first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials, including what the different drug development functions should be considering at this stage, and how an integrated approach can help to accelerate your molecule’s pathway to trial and beyond.



Spectradyne Launches New ARC Particle Analyzer

Spectradyne recently launched its second-generation product, the ARC particle analyzer. Spectradyne’s ARC is a ground-breaking technology for analyzing biological nanoparticles in complex….




eBOOK: Antibody Production

Antibody production is a multi-step complex process and generating reproducible antibodies is highly critical for immunoassays-based research, immunodiagnostics, and immunotherapy. Antibodies’ reproducibility is driven by…