COATING TECHNOLOGY- Combining a State-of-the-Art Bromobutyl Formulation With a Proven ETFE Film for Exceptional Chemical Performance

Julie Suman, PhD, Sebastien Cordier, and Estelle Verger discuss the properties of the ETFE film coating technology used for PremiumCoat(R) vial stoppers and pre-filled syringe plungers. When combined with pure Bromobutyl formulation, the film forms a barrier that can reduce the number of leachables transferred into the solution, and their quantity by up to 98%.

SYRINGE PLUNGER – Exploring How the Functional Properties of the PremiumCoat® 1-3-mL Plunger Facilitate its Implementation on Filling Lines & Enable the Delivery of Sensitive Vaccines & Biotech Drugs

Sebastien Cordier, Laure-Hélène Guillemot, PhD, and Audrey Chardonnet explain how the PremiumCoat 1-3-mL syringe plunger combines a pure Bromobutyl formulation with a market-proven ETFE film that acts as a barrier to limit the transfer of rubber leachables into the drug product.