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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Adare Pharma Solutions: Expanding Capabilities to Exceed Customer Expectations

Tom Sellig, CEO of Adare Pharma Solutions, discusses how he has realized various achievements and about the company’s focus on addressing special needs in the market, its global expansion, and where he expects to take the company in the future.

DRUG & DEVICE DEVELOPMENT - Integration of siRNA, Nanoparticles & Capsule Endoscopy for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Nila Murali, Leia Jiang, and Ravali Bhavaraju highlight a promising technology that can change the way IBD is treated. Current imaging technology can successfully identify inflammation, and current treatments can address active inflammation and manage symptoms.

CELL & GENE THERAPY - It’s Time to Build Infrastructure to Handle the Coming Surge

Fran Gregory says the complexities and innovations associated with the production of cell and gene therapies also necessitates a shift in infrastructure, which will affect manufacturers, distributors, and providers. From development, manufacturing, storage, and delivery to patients; each step in the process requires forging a new path.