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Gattefossé provides innovative excipients and drug delivery solutions to health and personal care industries. With a service and distribution network that spans over 12 affiliates and 40 agents and distributors in 90 countries, Gattefossé prides itself in having introduced innovative products that conform to the highest manufacturing and regulatory standards worldwide. Over many decades, Gattefossé has transformed the chemistry of lipid excipients into viable drug delivery systems.


Our business practices are intertwined with corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, for a better world. In this and other regards, achieving a competitive edge by innovation is the hallmark of the Gattefossé enterprise since 1880. Commitment to our customers is reflected in our history of service, with focus on problem solving in drug product development. We continue our research and development programs alongside knowledge sharing with the scientific community in the form of peer reviewed publications, webinars, and seminars.


Gattefossé excipients are well-known for their efficacy, safety, and quality. They are suitable for conventional dosage forms as well as modern formulation technologies such as Melt Extrusion, SMEDDS, and SLN/NLC.

Our offer includes:

  • Tableting excipients like Compritol® and Precirol®
  • Solubility and bioavailability enhancers like Capryol™, Gelucire®, Labrafac™, Labrafil®, Labrasol®, Lauroglycol™, and Transcutol® series
  • Ready to-use bases like Geleol™, Geloil™, Tefose™, and Ovucire® and Suppocire® lines

Designed for improved, enhanced, or modified drug release, each product is fully characterized by physical, chemical, and performance criteria.


It is the aim of Gattefossé to simplify formulation decisions to minimize attrition rates and shorten the drug development pathway. Through our Technical Centers of Excellence in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we offer complimentary support for solubility screening, formulation design, and characterization for various routes of administration. Alongside, we provide guidance for regulatory, safety, and preclinical aspects of our excipients.