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Gattefossé USA Regional Office
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About Gattefossé
Gattefossé provides functional excipient and innovative drug delivery solutions to beauty and healthcare industries worldwide. With service and distribution networks that span over 60 countries, Gattefossé prides itself on ensuring products that meet pharmaceutical industry needs from both regional and global perspectives.

Products & Applications
At Gattefossé, each excipient is designed to meet a unique set of formulation and functionality objectives while conforming to the highest safety, quality, and regulatory standards.

Product applications include solubility and bioavailability enhancers; sustained/controlled release matrix formers; protective coatings or taste masking agents for actives; emulsifying bases for topical dosage forms; skin penetration and permeation enhancers; and carriers for suppository bases and vaginal pessaries.

Among our renown products are Compritol®, Labrafil®, Gelucire®, Labrasol®, Capryol®, LauroglycolTM, Precirol®, TefoseTM, and Suppocire® series. Globally established for safety and pharmaceutical qualifications, many of these excipients are also found in pediatric dosage forms.

Technical Support
In addition to safety and characterization data, formulation guidelines, and regulatory filing support, we offer formulation assistance. Working closely with drug manufacturers, our Technical Centers of Excellence in Asia, Europe, and North America are hard at work resolving solubility, dissolution, drug release rate, and or dosing options.

Typical customer projects include solubility and compatibility screening, formulation characterization and ultimately the development of prototype formulations for oral, topical, transdermal, and other routes of administration.

It is the aim of Gattefosse to simplify formulation decisions that advance drug pipelines, speed up drug delivery projects, and essentially shorten drug development time.