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Fortis Life Sciences offers world-class reagents, tools, materials, and custom services with a best-in-class customer experience for our customers in the biopharma industry. Through our brand nanoComposix, we provide precisely engineered and highly characterized nanomaterials to a global customer base. nanoComposix is an ISO 13485 (2016)-Certified*, FDA-registered developer and contract manufacturer with a nanomaterial product portfolio containing hundreds of variants engineered to address the unique challenges presented by our customers. Our products and CDMO services are backed by technical teams with extensive expertise in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, physics, and optics.


At Fortis Life Sciences, we provide solutions for the rapid development and commercialization of medical devices and therapeutic products. There are many nanomaterial companies and many GMP manufacturers but very few that specialize in both.

With our diverse expertise in nanoparticle fabrication to targeted delivery, controlled-release, photothermal therapy, and biofunctionalization, we help partners bring high- impact, nano-enabled products to market.

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Fortis Life Sciences specializes in the development and manufacturing of devices and drugs with nanomaterial components. We are experts in the fabrication and scale-up of nanomaterials for use in products that require ISO13485:2016 and cGMP-compliant quality systems.

Tailored GMP Solutions
We work through a multi-stage process with each client to collaboratively develop a GMP Project Plan customized for the target application while maintaining cost efficiency and compliance.

Nanoparticle Manufacturing Expertise
We have been manufacturing nanoparticles for over 16 years. Our lead scientists have 80+ years of collective experience in nanomaterial fabrication, with an emphasis in metals and metal oxides like gold, silver, and silica as well as polymers like PLGA.

GMP Experience & Capabilities
Our facility offers production under the controls of our cGMP compliant/ISO13485 certified Quality Management System and provides scaled nanoparticle manufacturing for medical devices, topical therapeutics, and combination (drug/device) products for preclinical and Phase 1/2 clinical trials.

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 *Specific to 4878 Ronson Ct. Suite J and 4888 Ronson Ct. Suite B