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Medbio is a medical manufacturing partner like no other, with the broadest spectrum of medical molding solutions. From precision custom molding capabilities, full-service contract manufacturing and value-added assembly to a wide range of standard protective parts, medical packaging and labware components, Medbio is the one partner you need.

Medbio specializes in full service solutions – everything from components to complete assemblies. It starts with our in-house team of engineers who combine medical industry and molding expertise to ensure the most effective and cost-efficient solution to meet your needs. From solving the highly complex to ensuring optimal efficiency for the simple designs, and an ability to do large volume runs. The right design for manufacturability, the right material, the right tool followed by stringent quality management and control systems, and a range of assembly and packaging capabilities to complete your project to your specification.

Our multiple state-of-the-art facilities include over 80,000 square feet of cleanroom manufacturing, for cleanroom molding, assembly and packaging. Fully certified ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001 and FDA Registered. Our advanced process and production monitoring and reporting systems can also be tailored to customer’s unique requirements. And if you have a large, multi-step project, we can custom design dedicated, lean assembly cells for your project.

Along with sister company Caplugs, one of the world’s leading plastic molders, we have worked with over 1,500 medical and biotechnology customers and boast over 100 years’ experience in meeting the very stringent needs of these industries.

Our full-service team helps to ensure your success from initial engagement through specifications and quoting to full production and delivery. Dedicated project management combined with technical depth and exceptional responsiveness for proven commitment to our customers’ success. Bring us your next challenge, or let us have one of our experts tell you more about how our capabilities may meet your future needs.