Credence MedSystems, Inc
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Credence MedSystems, Inc.

Credence MedSystems is setting a new standard in drug delivery, helping you differentiate your products through innovative delivery systems while preserving your trusted processes.

Credence MedSystems is an innovator of drug delivery systems that solve unmet market needs for the pharmaceutical industry. Credence’s philosophy of Innovation Without Change allows pharma manufacturers to impress and protect their end users while preserving their existing processes, sourcing strategies and preferred primary package components.

The Companion® family of syringe systems includes proprietary needle retraction technology, syringe reuse prevention and other critical safety and usability features. The Dual Chamber Reconstitution platform offers single-step mixing and injection for medicines that require reconstitution at the time of delivery. The Credence Connect™ brings digital connectivity to any syringe and has the potential to impact chronic disease management and clinical trial compliance. Metered dose systems and other novel devices address the needs of specific therapeutic markets such as ocular therapies and cosmetic applications.


Provide a better experience for users, consistently, across our entire platform of products.

Simple, safe, and intuitive usability creates a better, safer experience for patients and healthcare professionals. Innovative designs provide safety activation clicks, end-of-dose feedback cues, and automatic needle retraction—without changes to familiar injection procedures.

PRESERVE. Differentiate without disruption.                   

Our unique product innovations coexist with your existing processes, avoiding disruption to your filling lines and simplifying your secondary packaging operations. Use the primary container and components of your choice. Maintain your preferred sourcing strategy and manufacturing processes.

PROTECT. Safeguard healthcare professionals and patients.

Protect your end users from needlestick and prevent reuse—the needle retracts into the plunger rod after use and is secured inside the barrel. Eliminate glue from your combination products, maintaining your drug integrity and enhancing patient safety.


Differentiating through drug delivery has never been safer, more achievable, and less disruptive. Change the value you provide without changing your processes.

Note: This product has not been evaluated by FDA.