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Top 6 Key Features Must-Haves for Drug Delivery Systems

Credence MedSystems, Inc.

Credence MedSystems is setting a new standard in drug delivery, helping you differentiate your products through innovative delivery systems while preserving your trusted processes.

Credence MedSystems is an innovator of drug delivery systems that solve unmet market needs for the pharmaceutical industry. Credence’s philosophy of Innovation Without Change® allows pharma manufacturers to impress and protect their end users while preserving their existing processes, sourcing strategies and preferred primary package components.

Companion® Product Family
Add end-of-dose cues, automatic needle retraction, and intuitive safeguards to your products while improving the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, maintaining your sourcing strategy and enhancing your sustainability efforts.

Dual Chamber Reconstitution or Sequential Liquid Delivery
Simplify the delivery of your most complex drug products. Maintain separation of components during storage while offering users a safe and friendly experience like that of a liquid-stable drug. Simplified mixing or sequential delivery of two liquids combined with passive needlestick protection minimizes time, complexity and risk of dosing errors and contamination, all while improving safety and usability.

Credence ConnectTM
Bring digital connectivity to any syringe with real-time monitoring, transmission and storage of injection data… all built into a comfortable reusable finger flange. The Credence Connect can help you enhance chronic disease care and improve clinical trial management.

Micro-DoseTM, Multi-SiteTM and Force-AssistTM
Enable extremely precise micro-dosing, either in a single delivery or in a series of repeat injections, and employ force reduction technology to facilitate delivery of viscous products.

Impress. Provide a better experience for users, consistently, across our entire platform of products.

Preserve. Differentiate without disruption.                    

Protect. Safeguard healthcare professionals and patients.

Stand out among the competition.

At Credence MedSystems, being innovative means bringing value. Our Innovation Without Change approach means we make it easier to meet evolving market demands, with minimal disruption to you.

Contact us to see Innovation Without Change in action and explore our portfolio of award-winning, industry-unique drug delivery systems.