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Outsourcing Drug Development & Production: Technology-Driven Drug Delivery Systems for Small Molecules at Losan Pharma

Due to the increasing demand for drug delivery systems that are able to improve the properties of low soluble, poor permeable, or highly dosed new and existing drug substances, technology-driven CDMOs can offer a wide range of technology platforms to overcome such challenges….

INHALATION DELIVERY – Inhaled Drug Development: Optimizing Delivery

Sandy Munro, PhD, Nikki Willis, and Geraldine Venthoye, PhD, believe selecting the delivery device/platform on the basis of patient needs, nature of disease, and opportunities for accelerating the proof-of-concept or early clinical stages by using fast-to-clinic approaches can help to accelerate the project through later-stage development by combining the approach with seamless scalability, designing in manufacturability, and an appropriate manufacturing strategy.

Disposable Aseptic Isolation System

In this Whitepaper, Solo Containment (now part of ILC Dover) walks you through their process, from concept-to-development, for creating a fully disposable Grade-A aseptic fill/finish isolation system.