October 2017

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SPECIAL FEATURE - Platform Technologies - Derisking & Transforming Drug Development

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin, in this second annual report, speaks with several exciting and innovative companies whose platform technologies are transforming drug development.


OPHTHALMIC SQUEEZE DISPENSER - Eliminating the Need for Additives in Multidose Preservative-Free Eyecare Formulations

Degenhard Marx, PhD, and Matthias Birkhoff highlight their company’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD), a multi-dose dropper that relies solely on mechanical measures to prevent microbial contamination of the bottle content.

TABLET FORMULATION - Reformulation of Tablets to Resolve Sticking & Picking Issues Faced on Compression: A Case Study

Smruti P. Chaudhari, PhD, and Anshul Gupte, PhD, successfully reformulated tablets using the potassium-salt form of Compound XY without adding any new excipient. Through the reformulation, they also resolved earlier issues faced during tablet compression.

GENE & CELL THERAPY - Its Growing Potential to Disrupt Drug Research & Healthcare Delivery

Jeff Galvin believes as the pace of gene and cell therapies accelerates over this next decade, potential cures for chronic diseases, cancer cures, and autosomal defect cures will result, and the efficacy of new therapeutics may move as much as $500 billion from traditional pharmaceuticals to gene technologies.

ADVANCED DELIVERY DEVICES - The Staked Needle Pre-Filled Syringe: Benefits, Conventional Limitations & a New Approach

Horst Koller and John A. Merhige, MEM, say the advantages of a Staked Needle Pre-Filled Syringe are clear and well documented, but significant risks remain. A new alternative is now available that addresses the known challenges and adds critical usability and safety features while preserving existing components and processes.

LIPID-BASED DELIVERY - Are Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems in Your Formulation Toolbox?

Jason M. LePree, RPh, PhD, reviews the causes of poor bioavailability for drugs and provides an introduction to lipid-based drug delivery systems, and how the formulation approach can be used to overcome impediments to good bioavailability of therapeutic actives.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Particle Sciences: Experts in Development & Manufacturing of Complex Dosage Forms

Dr. Mark Mitchnick, CEO of Particle Sciences and CMO of Lubrizol, discusses the rise of complex drug products, the capabilities needed to develop and manufacture these products, and the company's expansion in this area.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Aptar Pharma: Quality Will Inject Real Growth Into the Injectables Market

Bas van Buijtenen, President of the Aptar Pharma Injectable Division, reviews the past 12 months and assesses what will drive the market in the future.