Health Solutions
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Partnering with you to create the extraordinary in design and manufacturing of medical products

Vital Statistics

  • Flex was founded in 1969
  • Number of Employees: 160,000+
  • Number of Facilities: 130 sites in 30 countries, 27 medical sites, 14 FDA-registered and 24 ISO 13485:2016- certified sites

Who We Are

  • Global design, development and manufacturing provider with over 30 years of medical experience across FDA Class I, II, and III products from simple disposables to smart drug delivery systems and immunoassay diagnostic systems
  • Cross-industry experience with innovations in optics, sensors, miniaturization, human machine interface, cybersecurity, and 5G connectivity
  • Vertical integration under one roof from “pellet to packout”
  • Medical footprint includes multiple plastics tool-making and injection molding facilities
  • Global supply chain technology leader with real-time data analysis for speed and agility

Human Factors Engineering
Generative research to identify and meet user needs, formative studies to optimize usability, and summative studies to demonstrate safe and effective use.

Full Design & Development
Accelerate and de-risk design and development and integrate advanced technologies. Engineering and development with manufacturability in mind to ensure an outstanding design can be efficiently manufactured at target cost.

New Product Introduction (NPI)
Expertise in NPI, and collaboration with both design and operations teams results in efficient, validated and scalable production processes that can be easily scaled to high volume manufacturing.

Our global footprint allows us to match our customers’ regional strategies. Tool making, injection molding, PCBA, system integration, full device manufacturing, complex assembly, sterilization and final packaging comprise our full services manufacturing portfolio. The ability to deliver maximum value with disciplined execution ensures Flex produces at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution
Flex scale drives incredible supply chain strength. Flex Pulse, a sophisticated set of real-time tools enhances speed and impact in supply chain management.


Medical Equipment
Laboratory diagnostic systems, point of care diagnostics, surgical generators, OR and ER equipment, imaging systems, respiratory care equipment, ophthalmic diagnostics, remote patient monitoring, hemodialysis, monitoring, analytical lab equipment.

Medical Devices
Diabetes management, neural stimulators, surgical tools, personal care, personal diagnostics and monitors, wearables, single use disposables, vascular disposables, wound management, neuromodulation disposables.

Drug Delivery
Autoinjectors, on-body injectors, smart injection pens, pumps and infusion systems, wearable pumps.

Precision Plastics
Pipettes, syringes, tubes, IV components and other plastics, high precision molding and tooling.