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As a partner for 17 out of 20 of the world’s leading medical device companies and brands, Porex engineers solve technical challenges for drug delivery products with custom-engineered high-quality components and resources designed specifically for the end device. Whether the drug delivery device is an inhaler, an injectable or a topical applicator, porous polymer technologies can be used for particle filtration, applicators, flow metering, fluid management, and sound diffusion. By combining our extensive material science expertise with our global manufacturing capability, we help our drug delivery customers find the perfect component to make their unique product design come to life.


In 1961, Mr. Bob Dickey, a research scientist, started a small business making sheet material out of various polymers to be used in a caustic fluid separation process. At this time, the porous plastics industry was still in its infancy, and the small company applied their new technology to making the first porous plastic nibs for coloring markers, which is still a core part of its business.  In the decades to follow, Porex garnered a leading presence in diverse markets including biomedical and life sciences, electronics, cosmetics and more. The unique properties of porous plastics materials combined with its innovative design and engineering expertise fostered continued growth that spurred entrance into critical markets and led to key acquisitions, including the Porous Technologies business of Essentra. Today, Porex has eight ISO-certified manufacturing sites across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific to support our customers’ supply chain needs.

In 2013, Porex became a member company of the Filtration Group.  Filtration Group is on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.  With a passionate workforce, global footprint and world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Filtration Group is driving innovation and developing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications in the fast-growing global filtration industry.


Porex has been serving our customers for more than 60 years.  Our material design and manufacturing capabilities span across 8 production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to support our global customers’ supply chain needs.

Our custom porous media enables engineers to unleash their creativity to design innovative drug delivery devices that increase effectiveness of their therapeutics and reduce usage of more expensive components.

Inhalation Devices
Filtration, diffusion & wicking media in:

  • Metered dose inhalers (MDI)
  • Dry powder inhalers (DPI)
  • Nasal sprays & pumps
  • Nebulizers

Injectable Devices
Filtration & venting media in:

  • Autoinjectors
  • Infusion therapy devices
  • Electronic injection
  • Glass ampoule syringes

 Topical Applicators
Absorbing, wicking, filtration & venting media in:

  • Surgical wands/applicators
  • At-home OTC applicators
  • Dental applicators