Triclinic Labs has earned a reputation as the industry’s choice for comprehensive solid-state materials analysis and solid-form development. Our scientists have more than four decades of expertise in pharmaceutical and specialty chemical development. We offer contract research services broadly described as physical and analytical chemistry. Those services include:

  • Solid Form Screening, Development, and Physico-Chemical Property Improvement (Polymorph, Salt, Cocrystal, and Amorphous Materials)
  • Crystallization Method Development, Scale Up, and Control
  • Amorphous Material Characterization, Solid Dispersion Formulation, and System Stability Profiling
  • Complete Crystallographic Support (XRD, SCXRD, MicroED, Synchrotron sources) – Structure, Phase Analysis, Impurity Assessment, Process Improvement, Percent Crystallinity
  • Comprehensive Analytical Characterization (XRD, Thermal, NMR, IR, RAMAN, DVS, KF, Microscopy, SEM, MicroED, HPLC, GC, LC/MS and LC/MS/MS, ICP-MS, EDX, PSA)
  • Contaminant, Counterfeit, Product Failure, and Reverse Engineering Expertise
  • cGMP Solid Mixture Method Development (XRD, NMR, PSA), Validation, Release Testing, Transfer
  • Chemical Intellectual Property Support (Patent assessment, ANDA Litigation Support, Patent Prosecution Support)

Triclinic is an FDA-registered and Inspected (2024) facility with a DEA Schedule I-V Registration.

Leverage the industry leaders for your next solid-state asset development needs. For more information or a free consultation, contact us at:

Triclinic Labs, Inc.
2660 Schuyler Ave., Ste A.
Lafayette, IN 47905
T: +1.765.588.6200

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Variable Temperature, Variable-Relative Humidity Powder X-ray Diffraction – In situ observation of Theophylline anhydrous forms II, III, V, and I

Application of Low-Frequency (LF) Raman Spectroscopy to an Isoenergetic Polymorph Study

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