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Cayman Helps Make Research Possible

Cayman Chemical has been supplying high-purity lipids to the scientific community for more than 40 years. Our industry-leading expertise in lipid chemistry, synthesis, and purification is supported by state-of-the-art analytical equipment. We are committed to offering an unprecedented portfolio of lipid nanoparticle research tools to support research and development.

Our portfolio includes an impressive collection of ready-to-use and custom lipids for LNPs including ionizable cationic lipids, helper lipids, sterol lipids, and PEGylated lipids. We also offer research-ready LNPs to screen different LNP compositions and provide in-house lipid synthesis, screening, and LNP development services.

From R&D to GMP, Cayman Supports LNP Development

Cayman supports our clients by providing tailored solutions for LNPs, whether you require single-point or end-to-end support. We work with you to develop the best experimental design within your budget constraints to provide high-quality data with prompt, professional communication and quick turnaround.

Backed by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, Cayman offers on-site R&D facilities for LNP development, characterization, and screening. Our experts can also help design and synthesize novel ionizable lipids to expand your intellectual property portfolio, and they have the foresight and in-house process development expertise to guide you toward scalable, GMP-compatible components for production in GMP suites at our Ann Arbor, Michigan headquarters. Cayman will work closely with your preferred formulation partner to ensure a smooth transition of identified formulations and any custom components to advance your program toward clinical trials.

Cayman’s LNP Development Services

  • Design & Planning  Discuss your project and goals with our scientists, who will help you determine the optimal lipid LNP components and experimental design for your cargo and tissue or cell type of interest.
  • Component Procurement

    -Cargo – Clients supply their own nucleic acid cargo, choose from one of several reporter options we offer, or provide a sequence for outsourced custom synthesis.
    -Lipids Select from more than 200 ready-made lipids for LNPs or rely on our chemical synthesis experts for design and synthesis of custom lipids.
  • Formulation – Microfluidic formulation using variable flow rates and lipid ratios for screening LNPs or bulk preparation of R&D-optimized LNPs.
  • Characterization – Analysis of LNP and payload concentration, particle size, polydispersity index, pKa, stability, aggregation, and encapsulation efficiency.
  • In Vitro Screening – Bioanalytical services for in vitro assessment of payload delivery and downstream biological effects.

    -Ready-made assays and custom assay development with high-throughput options available.
    -Flow cytometry and high-content imaging readout of reporter payload delivery and/or expression, effects on cell viability.
    -Cell-based, immunoassays, enzyme activity, reporter, mass spectrometry, ELISpot, and immunophenotyping assays to measure the impacts of therapeutic payload delivery.
    -BSL2+ cell culture for immortalized or primary cells.
  • GMP Lipid Synthesis – Take your LNPs to the next phase of development with our GMP Division. Our US-based GMP team can optimize the manufacturing and scale-up of lipid components for your formulation, ensuring the highest quality lipids and smooth transition to your CDMO partner of choice for human trial LNP production.

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