Windgap Medical, Inc
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Windgap Medical offers drug delivery devices that simplify, automate, and accelerate the administration of complex injectables. With our patient-centric design approach, our products are designed to manage the challenges of reconstitution, liquid/liquid mixing, and sequential delivery of multiple liquid drugs.  By reducing the number of user steps, our products fit easily into a patients’ daily life, enhancing usability and adherence. You focus on the formulation. We’ll deliver the solution.

Windgap’s injection devices are ideal for:

  • mAbs and other biologics
  • Long acting Injectables
  • Lyophilized drugs and suspensions
  • High viscosity liquids (up to 5000+cP)
  • Large volume injections (up to 10mL)

In partnership with pharmaceutical companies, we leverage our enhanced product features to improve outcomes for your life-changing molecules.


Mixing: Our automated approach to fluid management enables active, in device-controlled, mixing that eliminates shaking and swirling from the instructions for use.  We provide a reliable endpoint that ensures a lyophilized (or powdered) drug is mixed the same way, every single time.

Multi-Liquid Delivery: In two simple steps, we can administer two liquid drugs through the same delivery needle.  The perfect platform for drugs that can’t be co-formulated in the same container.


LVDC (Large Volume Dual Chamber) Platform: The novelty of Windgap’s LVDC platform stems from its innovative arrangement of standard off-the-shelf primary drug containers (PDC). The PDC architecture features side-by-side nesting of two, readily available, single-chamber cartridges with Windgap’s proprietary mixing and delivery needle hub. The side-by-side nesting permits use of ISO-compliant cartridges compatible with industry-standard filling methods, while maintaining a compact, easy-to-handle form factor.

The cartridges can be either plastic or glass; cartridge sizes from 1mL to 5mL.  The design is compatible with standard aseptic filling methods or terminal sterilization strategies; and IM or SC needle lengths.

ANDI (Automatic recoNstitution Dual Chamber Injector) Platform: This offers a revolutionary twist on emergency autoinjectors. This compact device provides a thermally stable SC/IM drug delivery platform for automatic mixing and rapid dissolution of delivered doses up to 0.3 mL. ANDI is designed to meet the 99.999% reliability metrics for rescue applications. Windgap’s first combination product, the ANDIpen®, is being commercialized in partnership with ALK-Abelló to deliver emergency IM epinephrine doses.


Reach out via email or LinkedIn to discuss your molecule’s unique needs and opportunities to collaborate via partnership or feasibility studies.