Nanjing Well Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Building 5, R&D Zone 5, No. 64 Suning Ave, XuanWu District,
Contact Information
Lorraine Liang
T: +86 15150507972


Nanjing Well Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise from China specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and supplying pharmaceutical excipients and APIs. Our factory is located in Nanjing National New Materials Technology Park.

We are currently one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceutical excipients for solid, semi-solid, and liquid preparations in China, with annual sales of more than 10,000 tons and sales of more than 40 million US dollars. We maintain long-term and stable cooperation with more than 1,000 pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, such as Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Novartis, Bayer, and other multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Our products are divided into injection grade and non-injection grade according to customer requests. All products are widely used in various pharmaceutical dosage forms (injections, eye drops, microspheres, liposomes, suppositories, ointments, tablets, etc. ), pharmaceutical and health products, personal care, and animal nutrition.
Among them, Polysorbate (Tween) Series, Fatty Acid Sorbitan Series (Span), Polyethylene Glycol series, Poloxamer Series, and Propylene Glycol are the key recommended products. Some products have also completed CEP and US FDA DMF.

We have a modern, fully automatic manufacturing factory, which includes 15 synthesis reaction production lines and 7 packaging workshops that comply with GMP standards. Unmanned operation is realized from raw material storage to finished product delivery. Under the control of a good quality management system, the factory has successively passed on-site audits by overseas customers and meets the quality requirements of global pharmaceutical companies.

We have attached the catalog list of our pharmaceutical excipients and API products. We can also provide professional customization services for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore do not hesitate tell your personalized needs. We look forward to establishing business cooperation with you. Thank you so much! Appreciate it!