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W: www.KahleAutomation.com

Kahle Automation S.R.L.
Viale Europa Unita, 57
Caravaggio (BG) 24043 Italy
T:  +39 0363 355511
E: Kahle@Kahle.it

If you’re looking for an automation partner who understands the precision and care required to manufacture the world’s finest drug delivery devices, consider Kahle Automation, Engineering Excellence since 1920 and now a part of the BBS Automation family.

BBS Automation strengthens MedTech/Life Sciences capabilities with acquisition of Kahle Automation S.r.l.

Federico Ceresetti, CEO Kahle Automation: “Partnering with BBS Automation was the logical next step in Kahle’s development.” With access to BBS’ global reach and market leading reputation, BBS will support Kahle on larger projects and continue its successful growth trajectory by leveraging manufacturing and service capabilities on three continents.

CELEBRATING OVER 100 YEARS. Kahle is the only large-scale automation company in the world that focuses exclusively on custom automated assembly equipment for medical and pharmaceutical devices. For over a century, Kahle has shaped the industry through the use of innovative technologies. Today, we create systems that handle, assemble, inspect, test, and package every medical device imaginable – from syringes, tubing sets and catheters and needle products to diagnostic, pre-filled and combination pharmaceutical devices.

Safety and quality go hand-in-hand with a successful automation project. All of our work is guided by GAMP 5 and ISO 9001 quality standards, and we work with our customers to help them meet FDA 21 CFR Part 820 and Part 11 regulations.

Engineering Excellence requires an automation partner who brings the best technology to your project.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a system that assembles thousands of devices per minute, improves the quality and consistency of your manufacturing process, or whether you’re simply trying to maximize the space in your clean room, Kahle has the technical solutions to meet your goals.

Every year, Kahle dedicates over 182,500 man-hours to designing automation systems that manufacture medical devices. This effort has resulted in the largest portfolio of proprietary automation technology in the entire industry. From this portfolio, you can choose from continuous, indexing, and asynchronous motion assembly platforms that feature the latest innovations in mechanical, pneumatic, and robotic assembly with premium inspection and process control operations. This flexibility allows us to create cost efficient, effective systems for projects of every size.

Engineering Excellence requires an automation partner that guarantees performance.

Beyond creating the ideal assembly system for your project, your Kahle team is also focused on getting your machine validated promptly and transitioned efficiently into production. Further, we want to make it easy for your employees to be trained to operate and maintain the equipment. To these ends, your Kahle machine arrives with the best quality and validation documentation in the industry.