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IMMUNOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER MARKET – Mutiplexing Technologies for Infectious Disease, Cancer, Cardiac & Autoimmune Testing Rise Above the Horizon

Divyaa Ravishankar, MS, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, indicates the market has undergone a massive change from just a few vendors offering only enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, chemiluminescent immunoassay, radioactive immunoassay, and flourescent immunoassay to also multiplex assays, such as microarrays, flow cytometry-based platforms, recombinant immunoassays, and indirect immunofluorescence assays.

INVESTMENT TRENDS – A Rise in IPOs Revive Investments for the Global Pharma & Biotech Industry

Dr. E. Saneesh, Financial Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, reports that new analysis reveals that PEVC investors in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry have demonstrated maximum interest in oncology drugs, followed by anti-infective drugs and pharmaceutical contract laboratories. They also conclude the maximum pharmaceutical- and biotechnology-related PEVC deals in the US, and are expected to continue to do so in the forthcoming years.

MARKET ANALYSIS – Unprecedented Uptake of Sovaldi & Tecfidera Paves the Way for New Optimism in Pharma

Joshua Owide, GlobalData’s Director of Healthcare Industry Dynamics, believes a successful drug launch is pivotal in the corporate evolution of most innovative drug companies, allowing them to sustain growth momentum, or, as is more commonplace in the age of the blockbuster patent expiration, replenish existing revenues at risk from lower-cost equivalents.

ORPHAN DRUG MARKET – Drug Developers Drawn to Orphan Drugs Market: Financial Incentives Create Rich, Competitive Pipelines

As drug developers abandon the “blockbuster model” in favor of greater focus on drug development for rare conditions, the global orphan drugs market is becoming increasingly competitive. It is imperative that drug developers continually keep a tab of competitors’ pipelines as approval and reimbursement of new orphan drugs are highly dependent on the availability of alternative therapies.

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT – Solumerized(TM) Trans-Resveratrol, Bridging the Bioenhancement Gap to Drug Delivery Between Pharmaceuticals & Dietary Supplements

Amir Zalcenstein, PhD, Galia Temtsin Krayz, PhD, and Sabina Glozman, PhD, discuss the example of Resveratrol, a supplement with a solid body of scientific data attesting to its efficacy in enhancing lifespan and treating a variety of medical conditions, which yet remains short of its true market potential due to stability, bioavailability, and cost issues.