Saghmos Therapeutics Announces Notice of Allowance for Second US Patent for Phase 3-Ready Cardiorenal Metabolic Modulator

Saghmos Therapeutics, Inc. recently announced a Notice of Allowance for a second US patent for its Phase 3-ready product, ST-62516 (trimetazidine), a cardiorenal metabolic modulator. The patent will provide exclusivity through 2037, with broad claims for the reduction of acute kidney injury and major adverse cardiac and kidney events in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) undergoing contrast procedures.

“We are very pleased to announce the Notice of Allowance for our second patent, which will enhance the long-term value of ST-62516. Saghmos continues to build its intellectual property estate,” said Anna Kazanchyan, MD, Founder and CEO of Saghmos Therapeutics.

Saghmos is developing ST-62516 to reduce the risk of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Major Adverse Cardiac and Kidney Events (MACKE) after contrast procedures such as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Saghmos’ IND for ST-62516 was cleared by the FDA in July 2023. In the Phase 3 study, the drug will be administered to patients for 90 days, starting just prior to the PCI procedure.

Over 1 million PCI procedures are performed annually in the US in patients with unstable angina (heart attack). About half of these patients have comorbidities such as heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, or are aged >75, all of which impact the safety of PCI. In addition, several procedure-related factors could lead to AKI and MACKE. This is a major unmet medical need with no FDA-approved drugs available to prevent or treat AKI and MACKE. ST-62516 could benefit all PCI patients, not just those with comorbidities, to reduce the threat of AKI and MACKE after PCI.

Saghmos Therapeutics is developing ST-62516 (trimetazidine) to reduce the risk of cardiorenal complications after PCI. The company has an issued US patent (Patent number 11,123,345) for the prevention and treatment of acute kidney injury after contrast procedures. Saghmos recently announced the appointment of Fred Hassan as Chairman of the Board of Directors.