Drug Delivery

DRUG DELIVERY – A Topical Tacrolimus Microemulsion for Plaque-Type Psoriasis Therapy

Johannes Wohlrab, MD; Alexandra Goebel, PhD; Dieter Scherer, PhD; Debra Bingham, and Reinhard H.H. Neubert, PhD, develop a colloidal preparation, a microemulsion, that meets the specific conditions for penetration of the psoriatic skin and achieves the required bioavailability of the drug in the underlying tissue, which cannot be achieved by conventional formulations.

DRUG DEVICES – Combinations for Success: Integrated Delivery Systems That Can Meet Evolving Expectations

Graham Reynolds says working closely with a packaging system manufacturer that has generated partnerships with companies like assembly equipment manufacturers, filling companies, human factors experts, and design companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers can select, design, and/or develop an appropriate system that maximizes the chances of moving a product to market quickly.