September 2016

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SPECIAL FEATURE – Injectable Drug Delivery: Key Trends Define Device Design Now & in the Future

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin spoke with some of the world’s leading device developers about their current injection technologies and how their devices are addressing the current trends and opportunities in the industry.


COMPUTATIONAL METHODS – Formulation Development: An Innovative, Simulation-Based Approach

Tom Reynolds, PhD, Matt Wessel, PhD, Sanjay Konagurthu, PhD, and Marshall Crew, PhD, report that computational methods, such as QM and MD simulations, are playing an ever-expanding role in drug discovery and development, and transforming advances in drug development at all stages.

SOFTGEL FORMULATIONS – Lipid-Based Drug Delivery System to Bring Poorly Soluble Drugs to Market

Ronak Savla, PhD, PharmD, and Jeffrey E. Browne, PhD, indicate formulation screening, development, scale-up, and commercial manufacture of LBDDSs require considerable expertise, and choosing an outsourcing partner with experience and a proven track record is critical.

ORALLY DISINTEGRATING TABLETS – Designed With Patients in Mind: The Art of Patient-Centric Drug Formulation

Anthony Recupero, PhD, believes by partnering with an expert in drug delivery technology, whose portfolio features a broad range of proprietary technologies, pharmaceutical companies have the potential to add further value to their products and extend market exclusivity.

PARTICULATE IDENTIFICATION – Particle Identification for Improvement of Pharmaceutical Production

Kathryn A. Lee, PhD; Markus Lankers, PhD; and Oliver Valet, PhD, discuss various aspects with regard to microscopic particle counting, sizing, and identification using Raman, laser-induced breakdown, and IR spectroscopies, and how these techniques can help accurately identify particles.

THERAPEUTIC FOCUS – Ischemic Stroke: Treatment Beyond the First 3 Hours

Rick Pauls, MBA, says treatment of ischemic strokes hinges on getting tPA into the patient within just few hours of the stroke occurring, but getting to the hospital quickly requires a great deal of luck, and anything that buys the patient more time is worth pursuing.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – ALCAMI: Delivering Solutions by Connecting at Every Level

Dr. Stephan Kutzer, CEO, President, and Chairman of Alcami, discusses his company’s business strategy, outsourcing trends, how the company meets the growing needs of customers, and why companies choose Alcami.

EXTERNAL DELIVERY – International Business, Something to Consider

Not every product, technology, or service is intended for international trade. But then again, not every business is intended to stay at home either. So let’s examine the possibility of..