June 2016

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ANTIGEN-SCREENING SYSTEM – Perfecting the Promise of T Cell Therapies for Infectious Disease & Cancer

THE EVOLUTION OF IMMUNOTHERAPIES The human body is armed with an efficient and elegant immune system that fights pathogens and tumor cells using T cells and antibodies made by B..


SPECIAL FEATURE – Excipients: Manufacturers Look to Co-Processing as a Way of Improving Functionality

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin reports how leading excipient manufacturers are overcoming their own R&D challenges to deliver innovative excipients that address problems associated with both large and small molecules.

LIPOPHILIC SALTS – Opportunities & Applications in Oral Drug Delivery

Hywel Williams, PhD, Annabel Igonin, PhD, David Vodak, PhD, and Hassan Benameur, PhD, believe lipophilic salts are being explored in a number of different areas and one interesting application is their potential to boost API loading in lipid formulations.

CARBON NANOTUBES – MGMR™ – A Medical-Grade Carbon Nanotube Designed for Medical Applications

Joseph S. Dillon, PhD, MBA, and Lainie Mulvanny discuss the transformation of CNTs into a unique composition of matter, marking a complete departure from the dirty, tangled micron bundles of CNTs that frustrated medical researchers for years.

PROTEIN CRYSTALS – Reshaping Traditional Biotherapeutic Formulations

Don Paul Kovarcik, MBA, and William Wittbold, MS, indicate that while protein therapeutics have enjoyed considerable commercial success throughout the past 3 decades, there still remain formulation and delivery challenges.

THERAPEUTIC FOCUS – Direct Effects™ Cannabinoid Therapy: Medical Cannabis Without Psychoactive & Systemic Effects

Ronald Aung-Din, MD, reports topical CBD is beneficial in treating symptoms of a number of neuropathic and psychiatric conditions. Individual clinical response varied depending on condition treated and on severity and longevity of symptoms, and overall, topical CBD therapy was well tolerated.

RIGHTS MANAGEMENT PROTECTION – You Have the Right to Remain Protected

Tom Johnson says on the surface, rights management protection may look like another expense and another system to maintain, and while that may be true, it is a critical security component that delivers rapid and significant return on investment.

MICROBIAL PRODUCTION – Cutting-Edge inABLE® Technology: The Key to Cost-Effective Production of a Novel Antimicrobial Peptide With Potential for the Treatment of MRSA

Ian Fotheringham, PhD, and Mathew Upton, PhD, report that Infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria are an ever-increasing threat to public health, creating an urgent, growing demand for the identification and development of new therapies.

DRUG DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE – Crown Bioscience: Enhancing the Drug Development Process

Jean Pierre Wery, President of Crown Bioscience, discusses the requirement for more accurate research models in oncology research, focusing on PDX models that have the ability to more adequately represent the conditions and mechanisms of immunotherapy in human patients.


John A. Bermingham says it is not a matter of IF your business is going to be hacked but WHEN your business is going to be hacked, but the vast majority of businesses in the US do not have any plans in place for such an event.