Drug Delivery

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT – KinetiSol: A New Processing Paradigm for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Systems

Dave A. Miller, PhD; James C. DiNunzio, PhD; Justin R. Hughey, PhD; Robert O. Williams III, PhD; and James W. McGinity, PhD; review how a novel fusion-based process for the production of amorphous solid dispersion systems has recently been adapted to pharmaceutical processing and is providing novel solutions for difficult-to-process compounds.

PACKAGING – The Impact of Packaging at the Clinical Interface of Vaccine, Healthcare Worker & Patient

Brian Lynch, MBA; and Philip Song, MSc; indicate further adoption of vaccines packaged in PFS is expected to continue, for both new and currently marketed vaccines, particularly as clinicians and vaccine enterprise stakeholders look more closely at the implication of packaging at the user interface and understand the benefits PFS offer in terms of greater efficiency and advancing best care.