January/February 2016

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NANOSCALE COMPLEXES – A Novel Nanotechnology-Based Platform to Optimize Combination Cancer Therapies: Rational Development & Improved Delivery Using CombiPlex®

Barry D. Liboiron, PhD; Arthur C. Louie, MD; et al describe how CombiPlex addresses the challenges facing the traditional development path of many contemporary drug combinations and provide clinical proof-of-principle evidence that this approach can yield marked improvements in efficacy and patient outcomes.


SPECIAL FEATURE – Analytical Testing: Using More Sophisticated Tools to Support Small & Large Molecule Projects

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin recently spoke with leading analytical testing providers to find out what services they offer and what equipment they use to handle both small and large molecules for their pharma clients.

ADVANCED DELIVERY DEVICES – How Data Hubs & Smart Devices Are Enabling the Rise of Therapeutic Ecosystems

Stephen Allan discusses how unique collaborations between tech and biotech reflect a new paradigm in how therapeutics are being commercialized and marketed under the new pay-for-performance healthcare model.

MANAGEMENT INSIGHT – Forging a Blue Ocean Strategy to Work in a Red Pharma Ocean

I used to hate the circus. Crowds, sticky cotton candy fingers, poodles utterly failing to take the place of lions and bears, candy-overdosed children, and blasé, predictable stunts. And then..

DRUG DEVELOPMENT – Human Challenge Studies in Vaccine Development

Bruno Speder and Adrian Wildfire, MS, describe how the concept is being applied to help develop vaccines against a number of common diseases, including influenza, rhinoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, cholera, malaria, dengue, and Salmonella typhi.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Capsugel: Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Design, Development & Manufacturing Partner

Pharmaceutical companies today increasingly require specialized design, development, and manufacturing partners to help bring new and improved drugs to market. These companies need partners of varying degrees throughout the drug..

IMMUNOASSAY PLATFORM – Accelerating Drug Development & Clinical Validation With Single Molecule Counting

Steven Suchyta, PhD, discusses how Ultrasensitive Single Molecule Counting technology provides an indispensable tool in the researcher’s arsenal to help move novel biology forward, fueling the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

CRO MARKET – CRO Sector: Sales & Margins Remain Healthy

Adam Dion, MSc, indicates declining R&D productivity and increased development costs have negatively impacted biopharmaceutical companies, and the need for them to maximize productivity and lower costs in their commercial operations will cause them to look to CRO partners as they enter into outsourcing arrangements.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Enable Injections: Revolutionizing Treatment With a New Class of Devices

Michael Hooven, CEO of Enable Injections, discusses his vision for the company and how it intends to create marketleading biologics delivery devices that meet the most pressing needs of pharmaceutical companies while enabling easy patient self-administration for significant cost-savings.

EXTERNAL DELIVERY – The New Marketing Paradigm

We are 60 days past the half-way mark for calendar 2015. For those on a calendar year fiscal basis, this means their business year is almost finished as we head..