Formulation Development

ORALLY DISINTEGRATING TABLETS – Novel Controlled Release Formulation for Orally Disintegrating Tablets Using Ion Exchange Resins

Abhijit Gokhale, PhD, and Praba Sundararajan indicate that drugs not typically amenable to ODT formulations include those that present taste-masking difficulties or require controlled or sustained release. However, as the demand for ODTs continues to grow, formulation scientists are exploring ways to adapt ODT formulations for drugs that require controlled or sustained release for optimal therapeutic benefits.

EXCIPIENT UPDATE – Delivering Gastric-Resistant Functionality Via a Colorless Top Coat

Philip J. Butler and Thorsten Cech investigate the gastric-resistant functionality obtained by applying a clear, two-component MAE coating formulation onto a tablet sub-coated with a pigmented instant-release coating and investigate the impact of hydrophilic and lipophilic plasticizers on the film characteristics of MAE-based coating formulations.