Formulation Development

DRUG DESIGN – Fragment-Based Drug Design: Delivering Drugs That Hit Multiple targets, Leveraging Insights From Systems Biology

David Pompliano, PhD, believes the next generation of pharmaceuticals will have to hit more than one target simultaneously in order to fully exploit the knowledge gained from systems biology, and currently, the most effective strategy to achieve this rational design goal is computational fragment-based drug design (CFBDD).

ANALYTICAL TESTING – Analytical Tools & Techniques in Hot Melt Extrusion & Case Studies on Formulation Development & Process Scale-Up

Tony Listro, MS, MBA; Mike Borek, Michael Crowley, PhD, MBA; and Kathrin Nollenberger, PhD; review how a stepwise approach to characterizing formulation prototypes using microscopy, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, nonsink dissolution testing, and chromatography can be used to rapidly rank order formulations.

CONTRACT SERVICES – Injection Molding in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Andrew Loxley, PhD, and Brett Braker say many of the processes used to manufacture products within the pharmaceutical industry are unique to the particular product; however, there are also processes that have been borrowed and adapted from other manufacturing industries and successfully employed in the development of pharmaceutical products. One such example is injection molding.

DRUG DELIVERY – A Topical Tacrolimus Microemulsion for Plaque-Type Psoriasis Therapy

Johannes Wohlrab, MD; Alexandra Goebel, PhD; Dieter Scherer, PhD; Debra Bingham, and Reinhard H.H. Neubert, PhD, develop a colloidal preparation, a microemulsion, that meets the specific conditions for penetration of the psoriatic skin and achieves the required bioavailability of the drug in the underlying tissue, which cannot be achieved by conventional formulations.



DURECT Earns $10-Million Milestone Payment From Gilead

DURECT Corporation recently announced that further development of a long-acting injectable HIV investigational product utilizing DURECT’s SABER technology has triggered a $10-million milestone payment from Gilead Sciences, Inc. to…….