Formulation Development

PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY – Tumor-Targeting Platform Delivers the Next Generation of Pediatric Cancer Drugs

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin examines the desperate need for therapies that can address underserved populations, eradicate the cancer state without severe complications, and prolong the lifespan of the patient after diagnosis, and how NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals, with its unique tumor-targeting platform, has taken on that challenge.

DRUG DELIVERY – HEPtune: A Process of Conjugating a Naturally Occurring Sugar Molecule, Heparosan, to a Drug for Enhanced Drug Delivery

Paul L. DeAngelis, PhD, shows how heparosan is a stealthy molecule well suited for use as a drug delivery vehicle due to its natural origin and properties in the body. Therefore, heparosan-modified therapeutics may offer improved pharmacokinetics, drug performance properties, as well as new options for treatment and hope for patients.

GLOBAL BIOSIMILARS MARKET – Large Opportunity Due to Patent Expiries of Blockbuster Biologics

Frost & Sullivan Analysts Jennifer Brice and Deborah Toscano observe how the arrival of biosimilars, or highly similar copies of biopharmaceutical products, to the US market is imminent, and although they have been available elsewhere for several years, physicians and other key stakeholders in the US have only recently begun to anticipate their arrival.

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT – KinetiSol: A New Processing Paradigm for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Systems

Dave A. Miller, PhD; James C. DiNunzio, PhD; Justin R. Hughey, PhD; Robert O. Williams III, PhD; and James W. McGinity, PhD; review how a novel fusion-based process for the production of amorphous solid dispersion systems has recently been adapted to pharmaceutical processing and is providing novel solutions for difficult-to-process compounds.