April 2016

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LIPID NANOPARTICLES – EnCore(TM): Facilitating Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics to Treat Cancer

Marc T. Abrams, PhD, and Bob D. Brown, PhD, explain how nanoparticle technology has the potential to enable tumor bioavailability even in the absence of a targeting ligand.


SPECIAL FEATURE – Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: Using a Single Provider Reduces Costs & Risk

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin highlights several CDMOs that are evolving their models to become their clients’ single provider and to accommodate their more potent, challenging products.

IMMUNOTHERAPY RESEARCH – The Shift Toward Combination Therapies

Jean Pierre Wery, PhD, indicates immunotherapy in combination with traditional treatments has the potential for becoming a more effective alternative to the current standard of care. These types of combination therapies are currently under investigation and appear to have synergistic effects compared to the use of one therapy alone.

NANOPARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION – One Size Does Not Fit All: Nanoparticle Size Analysis for Nanomedicine Applications

Andrew N. Cleland, PhD, Jean-Luc Fraikin, PhD, Peter Meinhold, PhD, and Franklin Monzon, PhD, describe a new diagnostic instrument able to rapidly and accurately report detailed nanoparticle size distributions for a wide variety of nanoparticle types and concentrations in a range of different solutions.

DRUG DELIVERY – PLEX(TM) Local Drug Delivery Platform Enables Prolonged, Controlled-Release Medications

Noam Emanuel, PhD, reviews how PLEX is a unique local drug delivery platform that brings numerous innovative solutions to the market in various fields, such as infections, inflammations, and cancer.

MRI CONTRAST AGENTS – Could More Stable Soon Also Mean Safer?

Frost & Sullivan Analyst Nadim Michel Daher indicates radiology is going through interesting times. Under the coordinated care paradigm that is gradually emerging in the US, as well as all the changes forced on volume-based economic models, medical imaging enterprises are under a great deal of pressure to redefine their goals and reassess their value.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Gerresheimer in the US – Fully Focused on Core Business

Roger Kurinsky, Senior Vice President of Tubular Glass Americas talks about recent strategy shifts, the importance of the US pharma market, and how Gerresheimer’s investments in the US can benefit pharma companies.

DRUG DEVELOPMENT – Don’t Overlook Key Preclinical Research

Robert Wenslow, PhD, and Ann Newman, PhD, believe too often, drug discovery scientists, material scientists, and formulation specialists work in silos throughout the drug discovery process. Better integration of their efforts can reduce drug development schedules, risk, and overall costs that provide direct competitive business advantages.


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