Formulation Development

GLOBAL BIOSIMILARS MARKET – Large Opportunity Due to Patent Expiries of Blockbuster Biologics

Frost & Sullivan Analysts Jennifer Brice and Deborah Toscano observe how the arrival of biosimilars, or highly similar copies of biopharmaceutical products, to the US market is imminent, and although they have been available elsewhere for several years, physicians and other key stakeholders in the US have only recently begun to anticipate their arrival.

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT – KinetiSol: A New Processing Paradigm for Amorphous Solid Dispersion Systems

Dave A. Miller, PhD; James C. DiNunzio, PhD; Justin R. Hughey, PhD; Robert O. Williams III, PhD; and James W. McGinity, PhD; review how a novel fusion-based process for the production of amorphous solid dispersion systems has recently been adapted to pharmaceutical processing and is providing novel solutions for difficult-to-process compounds.

CONTRACT SERVICES – Industry Trends: Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Development & Innovation

Frost & Sullivan Analysts Winny Tan, PhD, and Jennifer Brice highlight two dynamic pharmaceutical service segments, CROs and IVD manufacturers, and how they are evolving to meet the growing preclinical and clinical trial needs of pharmaceutical companies. They also discuss open innovation models for outsourcing the earliest stage of drug discovery.



WuXi STA & Dizal Pharmaceutical Sign Agreement

STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (WuXi STA) – a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec – and Dizal Pharmaceutical, a biotechnology company, recently announced a strategic partnership.


Mercia Invests in Transdermal Drug Delivery Specialist

Medherant Limited, the clinical-stage developer of innovative transdermal delivery products for pain and CNS diseases using its unique TEPI Patch technology, recently announced a new $2.5-million investment.