Formulation Development

BIOAVAILABILITY ENHANCEMENT – Diffusion of Innovation & the Adoption of Solubilization Technologies: Observations of Trends & Catalysts

Marshall Crew, PhD, says that although diffusion processes of innovative products and services have been studied extensively for nearly 45 years, it seems reasonable that we might learn from others’ observations, and the frameworks they’ve developed to model diffusion of technology for the adoption of bioavailability platforms.

FIXED-DOSE COMBINATIONS – Fixed-Dose Combination Products – What’s in the Clinic? (Part 3 – Pipeline)

Tugrul T. Kararli, PhD, MBA; Kurt Sedo; and Josef Bossart, PhD, believe the pharmaceutical industry has been paying increasing attention to the potential of Fixed-Dose Combination products, and conclude this series of three articles, examining the past, present, and future of these products with the intent of understanding their whats and whys.