Formulation Development

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Ligand: Effective Drug Delivery Solutions With Captisol

Drug Development Executive: Vincent D. Antle, PhD, Senior Director of Technical Operations, and James D. Pipkin, PhD, Senior Director, New Product Development talk about how the company works closely with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies offering drug delivery solutions that significantly improve stability, solubility, bioavailability, safety, and dosing of APIs.

FORMULATING PEPTIDES – Novel Formulations for Non-Invasive Delivery & Stabilization of Peptides

Edward T. Maggio, PhD, examines how alkylsaccharides offer exciting prospects for novel formulations, providing non-invasive delivery, stabilization, and immunogenicity reduction for biotherapeutic products, resulting in broader patient acceptance and compliance and an increase in their acceptance as viable commercial pharmaceuticals.

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT – Amorphous Dispersion Formulation Development: Phase-Appropriate Integrated Approaches to Optimizing Performance, Manufacturability, Stability & Dosage Form

John Baumann, Dan Dobry, and Rod Ray, PhD, review the development and use of amorphous SDDs and the testing methodologies used to optimize the formulation and spray-drying process for performance, manufacturability, stability, and incorporation into final dosage forms.