MARKETING MATTERS – Increasing Your Reach & Frequency

For several years, I’ve been preaching the benefits of re-purposing press releases and re-distributing content via video to social media networks and third-party websites and blogs. A few courageous clients have taken this advice. However, with the increased publicity and hype surrounding social media, many fence sitters are now ready to jump into these interactive communication waters. For those employing a PR strategy that includes writing and distributing press releases, I have a seven-step KISS program to offer.

Step 1: Establish a person or persons who will have a good on-screen camera presence and can articulate your company’s message.

Step 2: Evaluate social networks, third-party websites, blogs, and databases that could be used for v-mail broadcasting. Your product or service will dictate which networks will communicate best to your audience. And remember, it’s always better to walk before you run, so using proven socials like YouTube and Facebook would be a good start. The initial set-up is easy and doesn’t require much time to execute.

Step 3: Create a virtual set to serve as the backdrop for each of your videos.

Step 4: Determine which press releases would be of interest to your audience and edit them into a short one – 3-minute video script. The writer of the original press release should be able to re-edit the content in less than an hour.

Step 5: Video the on-screen talent in front of a green screen, edit the footage in post- production, and convert the file to flash movies for distribution. Our people are cross trained and act as the director, videographer, and editor, so we’re able to significantly reduce production costs.

Step 6: Videos are then distributed to the pre-selected socials, websites, and blogs by a dedicated staff.

Step 7: Analytics are available to monitor each of the social networks, and Google Analytics is used to measure your web and blog stats. For most clients, these tools satisfy all their measurement requirements and best of all, they’re free.

By re-allocating a small portion of your annual marketing or advertising media budget to this activity, I guarantee you will increase your reach and frequency by numbers greater than you could ever imagine!

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David F. Scelba is the Founder & Chairman of SGW Integrated Marketing & Communications and is a Partner at LifeSciencePR. He is responsible for the development of the company’s new interactive products and services and plays a key role as senior strategist for developing clients’ integrated marketing communications programs. He is also involved in researching and investigating acquisition opportunities and for initiating negotiations on behalf of the company. His diversified B2B, consumer, and retail experience encompasses industries such as: automotive; biochemical; broadcast; education; healthcare; hospitals; life sciences; microwave; pharmaceutical (research/drug delivery); political; professional video/audio; medical; telecommunications; and more. He is a keynote motivational speaker whose audiences include marketing professionals, college professors, MBA graduate students, and undergraduates seeking careers in the marketing- and communications-related industries. He also mentors business and government leaders on the use of technologically innovative tools for better communication with their targeted audiences.