NASAL SPRAY BIOEQUIVALENCE – Between-Batch Bioequivalence (BBE): An Alternative Statistical Method to Assess In Vitro Bioequivalence of Nasal Product

Jonathan Bodin, Stéphanie Liandrat, Gabriel Kocevar, and Céline Petitcolas explain how one way to prove equivalence, without long and expensive clinical trials, is to conduct in vitro bioequivalence evaluation between the Innovator (Reference product) and the proposed generic (Test product).

WEARABLE PLATFORM – Next-Generation Wearable Drug Delivery: Prefilled Devices Provide a Truly Patient-Centric Solution

Mindy Katz says with increasingly positive expectations for the wearable device market to provide an intuitive and user-friendly drug delivery experience, her company continues to optimize its wearable platform solution, investigating new technologies and processes to improve the offerings for patients and providers.

OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM – Beyond the Rule of Five: Scouting for Novel Formulation Approaches to Enable the Subcutaneous Application of Molecules With Poor Drug-Like Properties in Preclinical Research – Facilitated Through

Ines Truebenbach, PhD; Menorca Chaturvedi, PhD; Markus Koester, PhD; and Achim Grube, PhD, are looking for proposals that would provide innovative formulation approaches to facilitate the subcutaneous application of bRo5 molecules in a preclinical setting.




E-book – Five Dangers of an Insecure API Supply Chain

Securing your API supply chain is key when managing the manufacture and delivery of your products, and a minor delay can derail a whole project. Learn what to look out for and how to prevent it happening to you.