WEARABLE PLATFORM – Next-Generation Wearable Drug Delivery: Prefilled Devices Provide a Truly Patient-Centric Solution

Mindy Katz says with increasingly positive expectations for the wearable device market to provide an intuitive and user-friendly drug delivery experience, her company continues to optimize its wearable platform solution, investigating new technologies and processes to improve the offerings for patients and providers.

OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM – Beyond the Rule of Five: Scouting for Novel Formulation Approaches to Enable the Subcutaneous Application of Molecules With Poor Drug-Like Properties in Preclinical Research – Facilitated Through opnMe.com

Ines Truebenbach, PhD; Menorca Chaturvedi, PhD; Markus Koester, PhD; and Achim Grube, PhD, are looking for proposals that would provide innovative formulation approaches to facilitate the subcutaneous application of bRo5 molecules in a preclinical setting.




E-book – Five Dangers of an Insecure API Supply Chain

Securing your API supply chain is key when managing the manufacture and delivery of your products, and a minor delay can derail a whole project. Learn what to look out for and how to prevent it happening to you.