CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING – Continuous Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals: Implications for the Generics Market

Kamna Jhamb, PhD, says the highly regulated nature of the pharmaceutical sector, and the low-risk-taking nature of this market, are the two main factors that have restrained the implementation of novel methods of manufacturing by pharmaceutical industries. However, the burgeoning demand for complex and innovative therapies and rising competition have led pharmaceutical manufacturers to reconsider their methods of manufacturing.



HIGH-PURITY EXCIPIENTS – A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

William Small, PhD, and Arsalan Khan say drug degradation can have toxicological effects in many instances, and it is imperative that this mechanism be minimized as much as possible. The best solution to this is to ensure that appropriate ingredients, both high in quality and purity, are chosen and used throughout the entire drug product lifecycle.


Bioiberica Launches Natural Origin Thyroid

Bioiberica, a world reference in the identification, extraction, and development of animal-derived APIs, recently announced the launch of its natural thyroid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the treatment of…..

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