SPECIAL FEATURE – Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: Understanding Critical Attributes Earlier in Development Leads to a More Robust Drug Product

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin speaks with industry leaders on how drug sponsors and CDMOs are collaborating earlier, and highlights how third-party contractors are navigating material shortages and how the industry is shifting to address different therapeutic targets and molecules, such as mRNA.

CLINICAL TRIALS SOLUTIONS – Cracking Down on the Rising Costs of Drug Development: How Pinpointing the Complexity of Individual Patients Can Improve Success Rates

Dominique Demolle, PhD, and Erica Smith, PhD, say taking a more holistic, patient-centric approach by considering patients’ individual psychology, perceptions, and beliefs provides drug developers the opportunity to quantify these interpersonal differences between patients and address this source of variability in data analysis and interpretation.

FREEZE-DRYING MICROSCOPY – Unravelling the Complexities of Freeze-Drying Pharmaceuticals With Advanced Microscopy Techniques

Paul Matejtschuk, PhD, Prof Yvonne Perrie, and Robert Gurney, PhD, say FDM is being used to analyze the most challenging formulations that require sophisticated stabilization methods. By altering and adapting the three main freeze-drying stages to specific formulations, researchers are providing the tools needed for the pharma industry to improve its drug development processes and maintain drug stability when scaling up to production.



ON-DEMAND WEBINAR – Exploring Pectin & the Advancement of Delayed Release Technology

In this webinar, experts will provide an overview of why the properties and structure of pectin are well suited for site-specific delivery to the colon. In addition, experts will also provide insights into how softgel capsules, formed by the combination of both pectin and gelatin, are used in OptiGel® DR, a new delayed release delivery technology for pharmaceutical applications.