September 2017

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2017 GLOBAL DRUG DELIVERY & FORMULATION REPORT - Notable Technologies, Approvals, Transactions, Pipelines & Perspectives

This third annual report, a collaborative effort between team members at Drug Development & Delivery and PharmaCircle, provides a look back at 2016 in terms of approvals and developments in the area of drug delivery and formulation. The report continues to cover the following significant key points of interest, with the belief that understanding the past, even the recent past, can provide insights to what is possible.


SPECIAL FEATURE - Injectable Drug Delivery: New Technologies Deliver Biologics & Differentiate Brands

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin reports on a segment of the drug delivery industry that will see its market revenue double in just 5 years in response to a growing need to deliver highly viscous, high-volume drugs.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - BioCare, PharmaCare, MedCare: Datwyler’s New Health Care Offering

Torsten Maschke, CEO of Datwyler Sealing Solutions, speaks about the opportunities and challenges the current healthcare industry poses and how they are met by Datwyler’s strategy and products.

DRUG DEVELOPMENT - To De-Risk Patient Acceptance of Biologic Drugs, Focus Early on Delivery

Jeannie Joughin, PhD, asks what does a pharmaceutical company do when everyone wants more effective new therapies but no one – including third-party payers – wants to pay the price for their development? De-risk the drug development process, in every possible way.

PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGING - How Advances in Pharmaceutical Packaging Are Better Meeting Patients' Needs

Detlev Haack, PhD, and Martin Koeberle, PhD, says an industry-wide focus on the design of packaging that can protect user-friendly dosage forms, as well as improve patient compliance and fit into modern consumers’ lifestyles, has resulted in a wide range of primary and secondary packaging solutions.