July/August 2015

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If coders are the anonymous engineers and architects of the software that drives computers, handhelds, and the worldwide web, then formulators and drug delivery professionals are the anonymous engineers and..



This Global Formulation Report is a joint initiative by Drug Development & Delivery and PharmaCircle LLC, covering several areas of significant interest in today’s ever-challenging pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES – The Future of the Pharma & Biotech Industries: Your Colleague’s Perspectives

The Global Formulation Report in this issue provided some interesting data on what has been happening in a number of key sectors over the past 18 months. We thought it would be intriguing to hear what some of your colleagues believe will have a significant impact on the Pharma and Biotech industries throughout the next 5 to 10 years.

BIOANALYTICS TECHNOLOGY – New Bioanalytical Technology Holds Promise for Alzheimer’s Research

Stephen Turner believes a next-generation capability is now available to rapidly and comprehensively provide molecular profiles of normal and AD-affected brain cells and tissues, offering the possibility of new, AD stage-specific biomarkers and points of therapeutic intervention for developing new treatments.

TASTE-MASKING – Pharmaceutical Taste-Masking Technologies

Suniket Fulzele, PhD, and Sarah Rieschl present an overview and current status of the industrial approaches and platforms used for taste-masking in oral dosage forms.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Presage Biosciences: Comparing Multiple Drugs & Combinations Directly in a Patient’s Tumor

Nathan Caffo, President of Presage Biosciences, discusses his company’s technology with the potential to usher in a new era of cancer drug development and testing.

EXTERNAL DELIVERY – Successful Business Failures

John A. Bermingham says taking responsible risks and making mistakes that lead to failure is a part of business life. Almost everyone experiences failure in business at some point, but not everyone reacts the same way