Issue:May 2019

GLOBAL REPORT – 2018 Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Report: Part 3: Notable Drug Delivery and Formulation Transactions and Technologies of 2018

Three of a Four-Part Series

Part 1: A Global Review of 2018 Product Approvals

Part 2: Notable Product Drug Delivery and Formulation Approvals of 2018

Part 3: Notable Drug Delivery and Formulation Transactions and Technologies of 2018

Part 4: The Drug Delivery and Formulation Pipeline

By: Kurt Sedo, VP of Operations, and Tugrul Kararli, PhD, President & Founder, PharmaCircle


It feels as though 2018 was a subdued year in terms of notable drug delivery product and technology deals. There were some of the typical deals as exemplified by Halozyme adding on to their partnership with Roche on the same terms as the past few years. Where things deviated from the usual was in the area of gene and cell therapy. The objective with many gene and cell therapy technologies parallels that of more traditional small molecule technologies, targeted delivery with customized pharmacodynamic properties. The Voyager Therapeutics agreement with AbbVie, for example, is intended to harness the Voyager technology to selectively target and deliver AbbVie’s antibody transgenes across the blood brain barrier. The modern drug delivery and formulation toolbox needs to make room for these new gene and cell therapy technologies.

Quantitatively, Pharma transactions as a whole rose a respectable 6% in 2018 with a bit of a shift to Technology deals, up 19%, while Product Deals were up a more modest 5%.

In terms of drug delivery and formulation technologies, 2018 saw another 500 or so Active Technologies added to the toolbox, bringing the total to a little over 5,300. The majority of these technologies are still applicable to Injection-related applications, although its share dropped a point in 2018. The difference was made up by Medical Devices and the category of All Other as described later in this report.

This short overview of drug delivery and formulation transactions includes some of the numbers that color the trends of 2018 along with some thoughts on Notable Transactions and Technologies.

Special Thanks to Esay Okutgen, PhD, Director, Drug Delivery, PharmaCircle LLC for technical input. Click here to download/view part 3 of the entire report.