Formulation Development

LIVE BIOTHERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS – Not All Microbiome Approaches Are Created Equal

Duncan Peyton says in comparison with other therapeutic classes, such as antibodies or gene therapy, the progress that has been made with LBPs to date has been rapid, and for the field to maintain this rate of progress and to establish LBPs as a mainstay in the treatment of patients across a variety of diseases, a number of key questions need to be addressed.



Spectradyne Launches New ARC Particle Analyzer

Spectradyne recently launched its second-generation product, the ARC particle analyzer. Spectradyne’s ARC is a ground-breaking technology for analyzing biological nanoparticles in complex….



WEBINAR – Getting to the Core of Pellet Coating

This webinar is part of The future of solid dosage, an ACG 360 webinar series covering wide-ranging, simple, and transformative ways to achieve smarter pharma formulation, manufacture, and packaging.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR – Exploring Pectin & the Advancement of Delayed Release Technology

In this webinar, experts will provide an overview of why the properties and structure of pectin are well suited for site-specific delivery to the colon. In addition, experts will also provide insights into how softgel capsules, formed by the combination of both pectin and gelatin, are used in OptiGel® DR, a new delayed release delivery technology for pharmaceutical applications.