Formulation Development

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT - Solving Tough Solubility Issues With Fewer Compromises & Better Outcomes

Anshul Gupte, PhD, says fortunately, enhanced solubility can be achieved using a variety of approaches. For oral solid dosage forms, well-established approaches include micronization, nanoparticles, amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs), lipid-based formulations, salts, and co-crystals.

DRUG DELIVERY PLATFORM - VitalDose® EVA Implants for Systemic & Local Delivery of Therapeutics

Cyonna Holmes, PhD, Karen Chen, MS, and Brian Duke explain how systemic delivery approaches that leverage continuous dosing can address adherence issues and improve drug effectiveness while minimizing adverse reactions, and how a localized delivery approach can minimize total drug exposure, reduce off-target toxicities, and overcome targeting issues.

PERSONALIZED MEDICINE - Exploring the Potential of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor for Personalized Medicine

Pedro Moura Alves, PhD, reviews the intricacies of AhR immune sensing and signaling, and its potential for personalized treatment strategies to optimize therapeutic outcomes and minimize adverse effects. He also touches on some of the limitations hindering the advancement of knowledge in this crucial area of research, and the direction this emerging field may take in the coming years.