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FORMULATION FORUM – Formulation Development Strategy for Early Phase Human Studies

Jim Huang, PhD, says successful translation of discovery compounds into first-in-human and first-in-patient is one of the key challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, and to achieve this, a rational formulation development strategy will be critical to avoid costly development failures, while speeding up the development timeline in a cost-effective manner.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – AMO Pharma: Identifying & Developing Cancer Pathway Therapeutic Candidates for Use in New Neurological Indications

Michael Snape, PhD, AMO Pharma’s Chief Scientific Officer, discusses the company’s research focus and efforts to understand and target the mechanism of action of CNS disorders associated with developmental delay with the potential to target neurogenetic disorders at their root cause.

DEVICE DEVELOPMENT – Mapping the Regulatory Strategy to Better Navigate Electronic Drug Delivery Device Development for Patient Safety & Security

Ahmed Mallek, Hadrien Gremillet, and Audrey Chandra say that along with technology advancement in the medical industry, the behaviors and needs of different stakeholders also evolve, resulting in a clear interest in electronic drug delivery devices for a variety of reasons.