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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Ascendia Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems

Jim Huang, PhD, CEO and Founder of Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, discusses how his company expanded its people, capabilities, and facilities to meet and exceed customer expectations from early to late-state development and how this investment allows Ascendia to continue be an expert in sophisticated formulations, as well as cGMP sterile and non-sterile clinical trial and commercial manufacturing.

INFLAMMASOME INHIBITORS – 21st Century Miracle Drugs: Spotlight on Clinical NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitors

Bryan Oronsky, PhD, says traditionally, pharmaceutical development is based on the “magic bullet” concept of “one drug, one target, one disease.” However, with the growing realization that chronic inflammation lies at the center of many, if not all, diseases, it is possible to envision inflammasome inhibitors, which reduce or prevent inflammation, as near-universal treatment panaceas.

FORMULATION FORUM – Tackling Challenging Molecules by Spray Drying: Making the Impossible Possible

Jim Huang, PhD, and Shaukat Ali, PhD, focus on spray drying technology with special reference to polymers and solvents selection, processing conditions, and the challenges with downstream manufacturing, stability, and degradation of APIs in oral dosages.