Formulation Development

IMMUNE ACTIVATORS - Enhancing Cell Adhesion to Safely Improve Effectiveness of Vaccines & Cancer Immunotherapies

Siddhartha De, PhD, and Peter Vanderslice, PhD, present their research on the use of proprietary, orally available compounds that can activate the immune system to enhance the effectiveness of vaccines as well as immuno-oncology therapies for cancer, especially in patient populations that are most vulnerable to disease.

MICROFLUIDIC ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY - Achieving Reliable siRNA Drug Delivery for Inflammatory Diseases & Tumor Targeting by Nanoencapsulation

Olivia Merkel, PhD, and Christoph Zimmermann, PhD student, discuss the benefits of microfluidic encapsulation technology for gene silencing applications in cancer immunology and inflammatory diseases, where siRNA can potentially be used to downregulate genes associated with these pathologies.