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CELL CULTURE MARKET – 3D Cell Cultures: Next Generation & New Challenges

Kevin James and Robert G. Hunter of BCC Research say significant growth within the biopharmaceuticals industry is spurring unprecedented innovation in and demand for cell culture products for the purposes of drug discovery and safety testing. While 2D cell cultures have been in laboratory use since the 1950s, the market for 3D cultures has witnessed spectacular growth throughout the past decade.

SINGLE-USE MARKET – Rise of Single-Use Technologies & Systems in Biopharmaceuticals

Kevin James and Shalini S. Dewan of BCC Research believe eliminating the risk of contamination is the greatest challenge faced by manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals, and currently, this requires high-level monitoring of critical manufacturing processes. Single-use technology aids biopharmaceutical manufacturers in overcoming this challenge by reducing or eliminating the need for sterilization between batches, thereby improving operational efficiency.



Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS™) For Protein Therapeutic Drug Analysis

Automated, high sensitivity spectroscopic analyses for the development, formulation and manufacture of biotherapeutics are now available thanks to RedShiftBio’s new AQS3pro protein characterization platform. The system is based on Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) technology. Read this application note to learn about how MMS characterizes higher order protein structures, the mechanisms of protein stability, aggregation, protein similarity and quantitation.