Xcelience & Powdersize Add Delta Vita Nano-Milling

Xcelience and Powdersize recently announced the addition of the Netzsch Delta Vitamedia mills, a nanoparticle milling solution, to their arsenal of capabilities. For the first time, one CDMO can provide solutions for a full range of particle size reduction solutions, from milling and micronization through cGMP manufacturing and global clinical supplies packaging and logistics.

Xcelience announced a structured cash investment in Powdersize in July of this year, adding milling and micronization capabilities to its Suite of Services. The addition of the Delta Vita complements Powdersize’s micronization capability as a primary enabling technology for improving solubility. It provides additional size reductionto nano-scale particles. The Delta Vita is used for wet grinding of batches ranging from 15 mL to approximately 60 L. This technology allows for ample milling energies (or tip speeds) to generate sub 1 µm particles and stabilize them into a suitably formulated solution.

“Most of our formulation projects are BCS class II and need solubilization improvement,” says Derek Hennecke, President and CEO, Xcelience. “We bought into Powdersize and its micronization tools to provide the simplest and most applicable solution. Now with wet bead milling, we can go after the sub 1-µm particle size. It is a rare tool, and Xcelience is proud to continue to offer novel, useful solutions like this.”

“With the market-leading Netzsch Delta Vita media milling equipment, we can tackle some of the most problematic API insolubility problems out there,” adds TJ Higley, Vice President of Business Development for Powdersize. “Nanoparticles are a cutting-edge formulation solution, and with this piece of equipment, we can offer a scaleable and regulatory established pathway with the use of wet media milling.”

The Powdersize/Xcelience combination maximizes the potential for API success by creating a smooth client experience from milling and micronization through formulation development to small-scale commercial manufacturing. This combined expertise under one corporate roof allows for maximum cross-collaboration and results in a fluid, efficient pathway that is tailor made for each API.

Xcelience offers a suite of services enabling clients to partner with a single CDMO for all of their global clinical outsourcing needs. Services include preformulation, analytical services, formulation development, cGMP manufacturing, small-scale commercial manufacturing, and global clinical supplies packaging and logistics. Xcelience takes pride in delivering the highest standards in science and service with an emphasis on quality, cost, and speed. For more information, visit www.xcelience.com or call (813) 286-0404.

Powdersize is a customer service-driven contract manufacturer, providing expertise in particle size reduction and particle size control technologies intended for powders used within the pharmaceutical industry. With two decades of manufacturing experience, Powdersize can develop a robust process at any scale of development, including R&D, pilot scale, or commercial scale. They combine extensive experience and their unique ability to design custom jet milling systems appropriate for the client’s need. They are one of the leading contract manufacturers offering milling and micronization services in the United States. For more information, visit Powdersize at www.powdersize.com.