WHITEPAPER - Copolymer Microstructures: Connecting Monomer Sequence Distribution With Biomedical End-Application Performance

By: Dr. Bahar Yeniad and Dr. Pieter van Delft

Experts in copolymer microstructures have an important role to play in selecting biomaterials that can deliver desired performance of (bio)medical products. But how does microstructure link to the rate of API release? To gain insights into advanced copolymer characterization techniques and their impact on drug release in biomedical products, we invite you to explore the latest Corbion white paper. This comprehensive resource delves into the intricacies of copolymer microstructures and how they can significantly influence drug release.

A profound comprehension of the role of monomer sequence distribution is key in demonstrating product performance in various applications. When the objective is to precisely control drug release, ensuring patient compliance and maintaining product quality, the degree of randomness in a copolymer’s microstructure becomes a critical factor.